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Essencial oils

Essential oils are a concentrated and pure form of extracting the aromatic and therapeutic properties of plants. They are highly concentrated, so it’s important to use them with care and always dilute them before use.

Aroma Diary

With Essential Oils From Holy Scripture

This book is an annual aromatic diary based on the use of these oils with reflections, meditation exercises, positive stimuli for you to face your fears, anxieties, frustrations, clear your doubts and help you overcome all of this.

Essence Group Courses

Bach Flower Remedies Course

Deepen your knowledge with Level 2 to become a Practitionerdo Dr. Bach – Therapist registered with the Bach Centre.

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Rescue Creme de (50ml)

Avaliação 0 de 5

Fora de estoque

R$ 133,00
SKU: 7236
Dimensões 10 × 11 × 11 cm

Rescue Remedy Kids (10ml)

Avaliação 0 de 5

Fora de estoque

R$ 98,00
SKU: 7232
Dimensões 10 × 11 × 11 cm

Rescue Night gotas de (10ml)

Avaliação 0 de 5

Fora de estoque

R$ 98,00
SKU: 7230
Dimensões 10 × 11 × 11 cm

Livro – Óleos Essenciais e Câncer

Avaliação 0 de 5

Em estoque

R$ 82,00
SKU: 7198
Dimensões 11 × 16 × 23 cm



Marco Gutierres


A wonderful team and a company that I am proud to have known up close. They work with high quality and provenance products. I believe that in a short time they will be present in the 4 corners of this country.

The Essence Group

About Us

Conceived by Maria Aparecida das Neves, educator in Bach Flower Remedies and Aromatherapist, the Essence Group has been in the market for over twenty years. Through products, courses and social work, it helps people live better and with more quality of life.
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